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Coast to Coast Energy Solutions Is a Trusted
End to End Solutions Partner

Coast to Coast Energy Solutions’ market-driven portfolio includes but is not limited to: solar and battery storage systems, commercial scale solar projects; land lease for farming and rural communities; EVC stations; inverters; green retrofitting; solar panels and more. We start with a complete audit of your past and future electric consumption. Based on your preferences, we will independently analyze, size, and design your system. We’ll provide you with the best options and help you compare equipment, financing options and installers to make the decisions that make the most sense. We provide support and monitor the progress and quality of the projects throughout.

EVC Stations

Specializing in developing projects from inception to completion.

Solar Panels

Residential, commercial, community design & installation.

Green Retrofitting

Energy efficient upgrades increase energy performance and decrease energy costs.

Battery Storage

Energy independence, energy credits.

Land Lease

Farming and rural communities.


Versatile, highly efficient ensure maximum energy production.

Commercial Scale

Rooftops, carports, arrays and many more.


85 %

About Us

Coast to Coast Energy Solutions Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Coast to Coast Energy Solutions is a trusted end to end solutions partner transforming businesses, communities, and homeowners into clean energy leaders. Our business management experience, which includes over 35 years in commercial, residential and community real estate, enables us to provide energy solutions in the most innovative, cost efficient and customer focused way.

What We Do

We take an educational approach to selling energy solutions.

How We Help

We educate ourselves and our clients about their site(s) and incentives.

How We Work

We are in communication with our customers and our experts until the job is complete.

Our Standards

Our integrity is the bedrock of what who we are and what we do.

Chief Operating Officer

David J. Weiner

Dave has been a visionary Entrepreneur having over 20+ years in Corporate America before moving into the real estate and energy services industries. Dave has 17 years working in the retail area of energy services and saw the potential growth of renewables.

Joining the team of Coast to Coast Realty Group, Dave realized the growth in renewable energy as an addition to the real estate and related services being provided by Coast to Coast Realty Group.

David Weiner


Joseph Mullè

Joe Mulle’s experience includes many years as a Banking Lending Officer which enabled him to form and move into Coast to Coast Realty Group providing both general certified appraisal services and a residential/commercial real estate brokerage firm.

Together with Dave Weiner, Coast to Coast Energy Solutions evolved as an addition for renewable energy to serve a vast database for both residential and commercial clients.

Joseph Mullè

107 + GW

Expected global capacity sources jump

11 %

The percentage Biofuel demand is to expand by in 2024


Deadline NYC buildings over 25,000 ft² must comply with LL97

881 + MW

Power generated from the 24 new “units” of solar that came on-line in September


What Our Clients Are Saying

Coast to Coast Energy Solutions offers a wide range of products and services to customers across the country. We’re dedicated to solving their design and engineering challenges, whatever they may be. Here are just a few examples of why we’ve earned the trust of large and small solar contractors, developers, and EPCs.